Founded in 2018

Created by Ronnie Terrell Thomas

Mystique Illusions Dance Theatre

Founder & Artistic Director


"To reveal our inner monologue one must ignite the fire from within"


Mr. Thomas, has developed an unique stylye /teaching curriculum which, bridges an cultural gap within merging different movement vocaburlary. Due to his work in the United States and abroad has provided Mr. Thomas with a distinct understanding of the body and its bio mechanics. This high level of exposure over the course of ten years has gained an extraordinary approach to his teaching forum. The nucleus of Mr. Ronnie's classes stems around strength, flexibility, body alignment and conditioning.


Mystique Illusions Dance Theatre was founded in 2016 by Dancer, Choreographer, and Visual Artist Ronnie Terrell Thomas. Whom has throughout the years grown to become one of the most accomplished performing artist from the state of Boston, to the concrete jungle of New York City, San Francisco, Kansas City, to dancing abroad in Romania. With his extensive knowledge and experiences spawns aesthetics that emanate from classical ballet but include adaptations from  the underground dance styles of Voguing, House Dance, and the circus arts of Acrobatic Partnering. A movement vocabulary that shapes the methodology of the Mystique Illusions Dance Theatre technique, better known as Mystique-ology.


A patented dance methodology with no geographic boundaries. This unique science and understanding of movement will develop a new language deeply rooted with culture, energy and evolution. Made to broadening up the minds of dancers to potentially push their instruments beyond their level of comfort. Transforming themselves with a profound range of motion to achieve an diverse dancer who becomes a versatile performer. 

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