Mystique Illusions

Dance Theatre

Mystique Illusions Dance Theatre was founded in 2016 by Artistic Director /resident choreographer Ronnie Terrell Thomas. 



Mission Statement


Our sole purpose is to use dance and theater as catalysts to create new dialogues, transcending the evolution of movement without the confinement of emotional, spiritual or physical boundaries.



Vision Statement


Our company’s name is intentional. “Mystique” is the aura of mystery with endless possibilities that are unknown. “Illusions” embody creative flow that drifts like smoke between the unknown and reality.


Mystique Illusions Dance Theatre seeks to offer its audiences a vivid portal, a door to walk through. We want them to experience new understandings of diversity through the presentation of iconic movement. We seek to reach beyond the cloth of Race, Color, and Orientation.


As a company, we find common ground. We bridge the gap with an abundance of love, understanding different cultures and acknowledging their origins. We seek to create new conversations about the human condition that tap into conscious and unconscious actions and desires, exploring and going beyond the boundaries of real life situations, fantasies, and ritual.


The vehicle behind the company’s choreographic style spawns  aesthetics that emanate from classical ballet but include adaptations from  the underground dance styles of Voguing, House Dance, and the circus arts of Acrobatic Partnering. We are continually formulating a movement vocabulary that shapes the methodology of the Mystique Illusions Dance Theatre technique, better known as Mystique-ology.


As we move into future productions, we envision a bold new incarnation of contemporary dance through highly structured choreography that elicits new appreciation, excitement, and understanding of the explosive possibilities when thought, emotion, and body movement align to create original dance  dialogues.


We believe that this unique constellation of artistic forces will lead to  extensive touring, nationally and internationally. Because our company members are also accomplished instructors, we seek residencies and offer master classes and lecture demonstrations in our home community and on tour. We also seek opportunities to collaborate, setting works from other dance companies and dance institutions, as well as welcome commissioned guest choreographers to set new works for us. We want to inspire and to be inspired. 


We see our future filled with excitement, grit and power as we work boldly to carve a solid place in the world of dance entertainment.